Is your swimming pool compliant?

As a pool owner you are responsible for ensuring that your pool is compliant. New swimming pool safety rules are coming into effect in Queensland on 30 November 2015.

Pool safety legislation was announced in Queensland in 2010, this has afforded homeowners and hotel-owners adequate lead time to adopt the new pool safety standard when introduced at the end of November this year.

From 1 December 2015, random inspections could result in on-the-spot fines of up to $796.95 and further penalties of up to $18,785.25 in a suggested crackdown by the State Government.

What does this mean for pool owners in Queensland?

Some of the new requirements include:

  • Compulsory CPR signs.
  • Fencing for portable pools and spas that can be filled to a depth of more than 300mm.
  • A phase-out of child-resistant doors used as barriers for existing pools.
  • Stricter standards for boundary fences that form part of a pool fence.
  • See the full list of rules
  • Under the current law, all pool and spa owners In Queensland must sign up to the state’s pool safety register or face fines of up to $2356.
  • All homeowners with pools will be required to supply a current Pool Safety Certificate when selling their home.

Is your pool safe?

Check if your swimming pool is up to scratch according to each state or territory’s laws:

Safety standards vary from state to state.  I have put links for other Australian States here for those of you who own property outside Queensland, at the time of writing this article all links supplied were correct.

Enjoy the read, and take action if you need to,


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