Investing in a family home

Can’t afford your dream family home? Look at investing in a “hidden gem” that has endless possibilities!

The family home is an investment motivated by real-world desires and are about flexibility and longevity. Buying a home that is suitable for starting a family is a demanding and difficult process that you must enter into with an open mind for the reason that finding the perfect house with no changes to design or renovations required is a very rare occurrence.

Look for houses with possibilities such as deep yards for extending the house when more space is needed or even use that space to build a pool. These will not only benefit the family as you grow, but will increase the resale value of your home once the kids have flown the nest and you are ready to  downsize.


Nick Lobo, editor of Habitus talks about the importance of “being able to have separate and dedicated spaces both privately, socially as a couple and as a family.” So a space where the whole family can come together and enjoy each other’s company brings good family dynamic.

Therefore when viewing a house, be creative and think about how you could refashion it to suit your families shifting needs. You never know what hidden gems you’ll find in the Brisbane property market!

Source Nick Lobo

Quick tips:

  • Do you need a pool for your family? If you can’t find one with an existing pool, keep an eye on flat or larger blocks so you can add one yourself!
  • Would a fresh coat of paint or a new kitchen update the home enough for your tastes?
  • Keep an eye as to where your favourite schools are located and if the properties you are looking at fall within their catchment areas!
  • If you have a pet, don’t forget to check the fences for holes or any escape routes – resettling pets is hard enough without chasing them up the street!
  • Plan your home around your kids – if you have a young family, why not have all the bedrooms on one level for ease of monitoring! Pre-teens? Consider having 2 levels of living so they will be able to have their own area as they get older!
  • Garden presentation can go a long way in making a house look more luxurious – keep your hedges trimmed and the grass mown. Maybe even plant a gorgeous tree for that little bit of extra privacy!

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